About Me

Like most of you, I joined Toastmasters to improve my presentation skills. I am a software and database developer and, in the late spring of 2012, I took a huge leap outside of my comfort zone and gave my first presentation in front of 30-some fellow software developers. To say that it wasn’t a good presentation is an understatement! It was the embodiment of Murphy’s Law. On the drive home, I realized I had two choices. I could give up because it was too difficult, or I could figure out how to ensure that it never happened again. I chose the latter. After checking out several local clubs, I joined the Virginia Beach Toastmasters in August of 2012.

While I joined to improve my presentation skills, what I never counted on were the opportunities to improve my leadership skills! Five months after joining the club I was asked to complete the term of the Vice President Public Relations who had left the club. My leadership journey took off from there.

  • 2013 – Elected Vice President Education
  • 2014 – Elected Club President
  • 2014 – Appointed Area Governor
  • 2015 – Elected Division Director
  • 2016 – Elected Club Growth Director
  • 2017 – Elected Program Quality Director
  • 2018 – Elected District Director
  • 2019 – Immediate Past District Director