2013 – Vice President Education

  • Achieved President’s Distinguished Honors
  • Set a (then) record for Club education awards submitted
  • Earned a Triple Crown Award

2014 – Club President

  • Achieved President’s Distinguished Honors

2014 – Area Governor

  • Because being Club President apparently wasn’t enough!
  • Achieved Distinguished Area Honors

2014 – Assistant Division Governor

  • Because I’m apparently a glutton for punishment!

2015 – Division Director

  • Achieved President’s Distinguished Division Honors
  • Grew the Division by 21%
  • Took the Division from the bottom of the District to the top
  • Named the Division Director of the Year
    Earned a Triple Crown Award

2016 – Club Growth Director

2017 – Program Quality Director

  • Set a (then) record for District education awards submitted
  • Awarded the Excellence in Program Quality award
  • Rolled out Pathways in the District
  • First District in the Region to have 100% Pathways Guide Club visits performed

2018 – District Director

  • Held the first ever virtual District Council meeting in our District